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Vial Inspection

Cosmetic - Size - Marking

Detection of cosmetic defects (spots, scratches, burn, air line, chipped, glass wire) on vial and ampoule.

Our  vision system implements multiple matrix cameras and  performs inspection from different angles.

The matrix camera provides easier viewing of bottles and classification of  geometric features of each type of defect.

The detection from a number of  viewing angles  occur  several times during the bottle rotation.

By this way, it’s almost impossible to miss a potential flaw.

Morphological analysis tools offer classification of defects and generate a Pareto during production.

This example shows the detection of little glass wires of some micrometers. The challenge is to make the difference between small particles and glass wires that appear with variable contrast.




Check of : Ampoule size , Markings presence , Conformity and Color

This system offers also the possibility to create new models and dimensional measurement points via a script that defines a sequence of measurement zones, and for each of them, edges to detect and distances to verify.

Depending on the glass type, it is possible to define a model for each edge detection, which increases the measurement accuracy.

In addition to dimensional checks, it is possible to define text areas and apply color and character recognition tools.

The use of multiple cameras enhance the resolution for large objects.

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