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Optical Character Recognition/Optical Character verification

Recognition of printed or stamped characters is something different from handwritten text. It aims to make sure that the information is correct in term of production reference or expiration date, but also to make sure that all characters have a correct print quality. 
You have to deal with different character typography, size and contrast, and have the possibility to define printed quality value.

  • Read & verify markings (alphanumeric codes, bar codes)

  • Markings : thermal, embossed, ink-jet, laser, etc.

  • No predefined characters font

  • Independent characters fonts management

  • Possibility to learn up to 255 characters by format

  • Control up to 64 characters by marking zones

  • Possibility to learn several pattern of the same character

  • Global character recognition threshold

  • Possibility to manage up to 500 formats

  • Formats - Receipt Manager

  • Possibility to configure up to 20 marking zones

  • Verification : up to 1000 characters/second

  • Reading : up to 250 characters/second

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