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Robotic Marking

This machine was developed for a distribution center where the customer requested the masking of certain information by a ink-jet printer.

The books of different sizes, colors and heights, manually loaded on a conveyor, are identified by cameras that follow height variations in order allow a maximum image resolution.

A second step is composed of a Cartesian robot ( IEF-Werner ) and an ink-jet head which move at the correct position in order to print a mask at the right location.

The difficulties come from the unknown sequence of books and variable distance between each other.

  • The marking area is detected on the fly by a camera

  • The products have different sizes, height and colors

  • Product height measurement

  • Ink-jet marking

  • Printing head and camera are mounted on a cartesian robot

  • Product Database with 50 000 references

  • Conveyor width : 300 mm

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