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Label Inspection

Industrial vision systems generally use fix settings for illumination and lens: position of light and focal length are not subjected to be adjusted after the camera installation. This configuration has a number of disadvantages.

Our solution consists in a fully teleoperated unit including camera, lens and lights. The lens aperture and focus can be tele-operated and the light can be controlled in position, angle, number and intensity.

Industrial marking like labels and license plate can be recognised by a vision system in order to verify if the printed information is correct or for product identification:

  • Character definition tools

  • Character of different sizes, shapes and contrasts

  • Regions of Interest

  • Fast Locate text

VCA’s solution optimises the « vision » design to allow integration of the vision controls inside the machine that already exists. Thanks to the miniaturization of components, the automatic control of lighting in number, position and intensity, the control by servo-mechanism of the lens settings and the integration of standard industrial cases with connectors, it is possible to control the compliance of markings with a minimum of control units.

VCA’s solution takes advantage of the packaging positioning devices: products are perfectly positioned when control occurs and, in case of flaw, ejection is guaranteed. This way, the faulty product is ejected before reaching the next packing step.

Advantages of our solutions:

  • Possibility to control markings on carton cases, plastic and metallic tubes, glass bottles, etc...

  • Possibility to control any types of markings: embossed, laser, ink-jet, hot stamping, thermal, etc...

  • References: Kalix, Neri, IMA, Marchesini,  Bosch, CMS, PKB machines

  • Large range of machine layout: linear and vertical machines

  • Management of the markings at only one place

  • Control of the ejection in the packaging machine

  • Automatic update of the markings to control ( ex date and serial number according to time )

  • Use of the ejection system of the machine

  • Perfect controls positioning and indexing

  • Multiled : Camera + light in one box

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